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Suite home elevator

The Suite homelift is tailor made, green friendly and with low consumption

The Suite homelift ensures high comfort and respects the eco-friendly principles.

The low consuptions, till 70% less than other homelifts, allows the simultaneous use with washing machines or dishwashers.

The small dimensions make the Suite homelift suitable for all buildings: private houses, office and businesses, blocks-of-flats, public buildings.

This little elegant lift is available with gearless version, with a maximum loading of 400 kg, green friendly and at high energy efficiency, and with hydraulic version with a maximum load of 500 kg.

It requires only 0,55 kW


The attention to the details and the wide range of finishes create your own perfect unit.

You can select your own finishes and colors, to have a tailor-made homelift.

Accessories and luxury finishes make the Suite homelift an elegant desig product to increase the value to your house.

Energy Efficiency

An homelift that requires low energy and respects the enviroment, helps you to save money on the bill and reduce the air pollution. This is the Suite homelift.


Elegant, fashionable and glamourous, designed and manufactured according to your preferences, with all details and accessories you want for your home. The Suite is the homelift you are looking for!

  • Recessed handles and stainless steel finishes
  • Automatic doors and swing doors
  • Different types of LED lighting
  • Panoramic glazed metal structures

Also with
LED panel lighting

Made to measure installation

A flexible lift which can be installed wherever you want: narrow shafts, dedicated environments or outdoor. Suite perfectly fits into your living spaces.

  • Suite homelift cabin dimensions vary from a minumum of 50 cm till a maximum of 140 cm
  • It requires a pit of only 20 cm, which can be created also by a ramp
  • Panoramic metal structure with stainless steel and glass
  • No machine room needed

Safety and comfort

Move easily between the floors of your home with a reliable and efficient lift. Suite is safe for the whole family!

  • Smooth ride, without sudden movements and extremely silent in its traction version with gearmotor with permanent magnets
  • Automatic return to the floor in case of power failure
  • It can work with 3 different operations: hold to run, automatic operation at landings and automatic operation both in car and at landings
  • Telephone inside the cabin for unexpected blockages
  • Remote control on the lift system

Warranty and maintenance

The maintenance of Suite homelift is reduced and affordable.

The warranty period is 2 years. 

Suitelift Catalogue

  • Catalog Suitelift 2018


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  • Technical Specifications Suite Lift 2019


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Technical data

LOADING 300-400 kg 300-400-500 kg
NUMBER OF FLOORS 7 max 7 max
SPEED 0,15 m/s 0,15 m/s
MAX TRAVEL 20 m 17 m
PIT 200 mm 110-110-220 mm
MINIMUM HEADROOM 2500 mm 2350 mm
MAIN POWER 0,55 - 0,75 kW 240 V 1,5 - 2,2 kW 240V
DOOR 500 - 1000 mm 500 - 1000 mm

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