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Homelift with low consumption and green friendly

Suite homelifts, the lifts with low energy and huge performances.

Everyday, we pay attention to energy efficiency and respect of the environment: we buy class A* certified electrical appliances, we separate and recycle our waste materials, we tend to reduce the waste and protect the environment.

Energy efficiency is a principle for us, bearing in mind the future generations.

For these reasons we designed Suite homelifts elevators class A according to the measurements foreseen by the VDI 4707 guidelines, with low energy consumption and eco-friendly.

The traction suite requires the same power as a vacuum cleaner

tabella consumi elettrodomestici suite nova

Suite homelift requires low energy: the traction model with a loading of 300 kg requires only 100Kw/H a year, with a consumption of only 0,55 Kw, the same as a vacuum cleaner.

It can be used together with other electronic appliances, i.e. oven or washing machine, without increasing the standard 3 Kw energy.

The gearless motor can be equipped on all Suite homelifts and it can work in relation to the cabin loading, so that if the cabin is empty, the unit requires less energy.

The ERP system reduces energy consumption. When the cabin is not riding, Suite switches off the system automatically, exactly as the new car equipped with Start&Stop system.

The energy consumption can be reduced till 70% thanks to this system.

The eco-friendly lift

This high energy efficency means a huge reduction of CO2. All Suites are designed and manufactured in respect of the green principles and with Kyoto Protocol (January 2008).


Your energy-efficient house

The traction Suite homelift gives energy efficiency to all your house.

The external accessories can be insulating: the outdoor steel structure is insulated with isolating material or thermal glass, with a thermal transmittance rate till 1.1 W/mqK (in cm). The thermal glass door grants a high insulation thanks to magnetic seals and double glass. 

NOVA for the enviroment

Our care for the environment starts at our production plant:

  • the solar panels of 100KW installed on the plant roof grant about 70% of our daily energy needs and the remaining 30% is taken from sustainable energy resources;
  • the manufacturing machines are brand, innovative and  energy-efficient.


* According to the EU Directive 92/75/EC energy consumption labelling scheme.

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